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Launching Brazil’s Bicentennial

About The Journey of the Princes

Following in the footsteps of Dom Pedro I two hundred years ago, the Head of the Imperial House of Brazil, Dom Luiz de Orleans e Bragança, his brothers, the princes Dom Bertrand and Dom Antônio, his nephews and entourage, will retrace the route taken by Dom Pedro I on the wake of the Independence of Brazil in 1822. This five year project launches the countrywide celebration of the Bicentenary of Brazil’s Independence that will have its highest point in 2022.

Setting out from Rio de Janeiro, the princes will pass through cities of the Paraíba Valley, with a final arrival in São Paulo and Santos. This itinerary will take them to the places visited by Dom Pedro I two centuries ago. At theses places they will engage in talks, conferences, visits and meetings of an historic and cultural nature. Festivities, receptions,  Brazilian equestrian events, classic car parades, concours d’elegance as well as musical and folkloric presentations will be held at each stop.

Besides Santos, the municipalities initially chosen for this commemoration are the cities of the Paraíba Valley currently of major relevance, and once the main places of rest, sojourn and historic importance on the journey of Prince Regent Dom Pedro.

The Journey of the Princes is a historic and commemorative event created by Malcolm Forest, celebrating Brazil’s Bicentennial. As such it may be held in other cities, outside the proposed itinerary, as for instance, the cities of the state of Minas Gerais that also received the visit of the Prince in the XVIII century. 

Townships interested in engaging in the program can contact us for scheduling. 

Destaque: Convite para avant-première

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